leadership committee

Each year the church invites all members to the Church Conference in order to vote on important matters of administration and ministry.  This annual conference represents the highest level of temporal authority within the local church.  In order to provide oversight and leadership throughout the year, the Leadership Team serves as our Church Conference’s executive agency monitoring ministry progress and voting on important matters.  The Team’s primary duties include setting strategic direction for the church, overseeing the church’s governance and administration, and ensuring that Christ UMC's ministries are accomplishing the church’s purpose, vision and plans.  Clergy are also part of Leadership Team.

    Back Row: Ken Walker- Outreach Chair, Ed Smerke- Member at Large, Diane Wilson- Member at Large, Paul Carpenter- Chairperson, Ty Unangst- Member at Large, Scott Arthur- Finance Committee Chair, Amy Taylor- Member at Large and Rev. Jane Eesley- Clergy

    Front Row: Jim Seigfreid- Trustees Committee Chair, Kerry Lin- Secretary, Carla White-Carpenter- UMW Chair, Melinda Hagerman- Member at Large, Barb Kaiser- Staff-Parish Relations Committee Chair, Kathy Moore- Member at Large and Mary English- Lay Leader

    Not Pictured: George English- Lay Leader and Judy Schultz- Member at Large

    Christ United Methodist Church

    Rockford, IL

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