finance committee

The Finance Committee develops and administers a coordinated fiscal plan and administrative policies and procedures for the church.  It oversees the financial health, the annual audit and communicates the church's financial condition to the Leadership Team. 

    Finance Team 2018

    Scott Arthur, Chair

    Jeff Baldwin

    John Beachum, SPRC representative

    Paul Carpenter, Leadership Team chair

    Frank Dyke

    Jane Eesley, clergy

    Mary English, Lay Leader

    Mary Hicks

    Jeff Holmertz, Vice Chair

    Todd Kennedy

    Gail Pickering

    Robin Roegner, staff

    Ed Rounds, Assistant Treasurer

    Richard Schultz, Treasurer

    Jim Seigfreid, Trustees representative

    Jolene Unangst, secretary

    Sue Van Grove

    Christ United Methodist Church

    Rockford, IL

    (815) 399-5910