Commission on a Way Forward

       A special session of the 2016 General Conference will be held Feb. 23-26, 2019 in St. Louis to consider a commission’s report on changes to the UM Discipline regarding human sexuality and the church.  The elected delegates will vote on the three options for change developed by the commission.  One or more other options will probably be proposed.  The Council of Bishops is recommending the “One Church Plan.”  The report is over 90 pages; these are extremely brief summaries of the options in the report.


1. The One Church Plan provides for more local autonomy on same sex marriage and ordination of active practicing homosexuals.  These are now forbidden by church law.

2. The Traditionalist Plan seeks no change in the Book of Discipline but strengthens enforcement.

3. The Connectional-Conference Plan creates a system of three connectional-conferences that each annual conference can choose to affiliate with on the basis of their positions on LGBTQ issues.


You can click on the links below to see a video series developed by Bishop Steiner Bell from the West Virginia.  Bishop Bell developed the following videos called "Seeing a Way Forward" which explains the plans in 5 to 12 minute videos.


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