Once you are ready to get more involved at the church, there are several ways to do so. Everyone has their calling. Our hope is that you find yours listed below. We ask you to pray about where you feel most comfortable to serve the church community. If you have any more questions about volunteering for any one of these ministries, please reach out to us. You may contact the office by phone (815) 399-5910 or by email at info@christumc.cc.

  • carry the light ministry

    There are members of our church who cannot be with us on Sundays for various reasons.  A lot of times, they're homebound or in a nursing home for various reasons.  It may be a permanent situation or temporary one.  That's why we need you to reach them.  This program is to connect our church family to us while they cannot physically be with us.  If you serve in this capacity, you will be trained to provide Christian care and fellowship when you visit people. 

  • flower ministry

    Flower arrangements are donated weekly to honor the memory of a church member's loved one.  We need help on several fronts with this ministry.  First, if you'd like to donate a flower arrangement, you can sign up at both  of our church centers or at the email address listed below.  Secondly, those donated flower arrangements are divided into small vases after each Sunday service and delivered to those who are in our Carry they Light Ministry.  We need volunteers to distribute those vases along with a Sunday bulletin.  It's a special way to honor those we've lost by making those we still have feel special and connected to our church.  If you have any questions or would like to become a Flower Ministry donor, please email info@christumc.cc

  • funeral guild

    It is perhaps one of the single greatest ways we reach out to our faith community and beyond.  When a family loses a loved one, it's a difficult time in their lives.  It's why our special group of volunteers in the Funeral Guild have such a great impact on those they come in contact with.  We provide a meal for families at funerals and memorial services held at CUMC.  But most importantly, we provide them a loving atmosphere to mourn the loss of their loved one i.  If you're interested  interested in serving in this capacity, please email info@christumc.cc.

  • prayer ministry

    Spending time in prayer is important for all of us to do.  Sometimes our church members need extra prayers.  We pray together openly about our concerns and joys at Sunday services.  The concerns we hear, either out loud or that are written down and turned into us, are then prayed over.  It is a powerful act of love to pray for those in need.  If you're interested in becoming apart of our Prayer Team, please email info@christumc.cc

  • prayer Pocket Square
    AND shawl ministry

    The time and patience it takes to knit or crochet something is itself a gift of love to another person.  It's why we value our church members with those skills.  You can use your talent to make prayer pocket squares and shawls. They are given to people in the hospital, are shut in or are going through a difficult time and need to wrap themselves in God's love.  You can help provide that tangible consoling that only a personally knit or crocheted item can provide.  Many prayers are woven into each stitch.  This group meets at Our Master's Center or these items can be made at home.

  • Wedding Guild

    Throughout the year we get requests to hold wedding ceremonies at Christ United Methodist Church.   We need volunteers to be the wedding planners and contacts for the church.  These people will work closely with the brides to make sure their experience at CUMC is a blessing during this exciting time in their lives.  Volunteers will assist the brides with the rehearsal at the sanctuary and on the day of the wedding.  If you're interested in becoming a member of the Wedding Guild, please email info@christumc.cc.