Counseling Ministries

Linda Bjur and Carol Fisher are Licensed Clinical Social Workers with offices in the Trinity Building at Christ United Methodist Church, offering counseling services for those seeking help working through mental health challenges. Most insurance coverages are accepted, with financial assistance available upon request.

For more information about each counselor and how to get connected, read their bios below.

Linda Bjur, LCSW

Linda Bjur is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker committed to providing the highest quality care for her clients. When individuals experience trauma, crisis, relationship difficulties, or life stressors, it is not uncommon for their life to become unraveled. Linda's passion is to help individuals learn to heal in healthy ways, realistically engage in the hope that things can change and get better, and promote the idea that happiness can be achieved. 

"There needs to be a level of trust and comfort between the patient and counselor, especially given the level of difficulty for many to seek counseling," Linda says. "I base my counseling techniques on the theory that thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected, meaning one impacts the other, therefore if you change one you can change another." Linda utilizes mindfulness, solution-focus, and EMDR to help her clients work through a variety of mental health challenges.

For more information and availability, call (715) 742-5343 or email

Carol Fisher, LCSW

Carol is a long-time member of Christ UMC and has been a private practice psychotherapist for over 20 years.  She has a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois and has been licensed for private practice counseling with an LCSW since 1981.  As a lifelong Methodist, Carol feels that a person’s faith is an important tool in healing whether helping people with anxiety, depression, or the stresses of life’s changes.

For more information and availability, call (815) 985-5298 or email